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What is website designing?

Website Designing involves planning, creating, and updating websites. It is structuring the website by planning out the colors, contrasts, imagery, fonts, and icons for the website layout. It is basically a part of Website Development. The design of the website does not restrict to the visual aspect but also abstract elements like usability, navigation ergonomics, layout, user interface, and much more.

Website Design

The web designers transform an idea or a story into a visual for the website. The visual and the layout build the user experience of the website. It provides a feel to the website. This is not an easy job, as the web designers have to create a welcoming environment for the user with their designs. The design has to be formed through the coding of the idea.

The design starts with the imagination. The rough design is formed in the head and is transferred into a sketch or draft on paper. It is then moved to wireframes and mock-ups and Voila! The final design is ready. The whole website is built in design components. The web pages, icons, and other features use pixel perfect layout for the design.

The web designer uses software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Framer, and many other tools to build the layout of the website design.

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Benefits of the website designing

Website Designing helps the business is growing and making a name in the online marketplace. The five benefits of Website Designing are: –

Search Engine Optimization

The web designs help in boosting the business by using search engines. The quality content on the website, designing, and accessibility are some of the factors that affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Mobile Responsive Websites

Nowadays, smartphones have taken over bulky computers and laptops. The customers, usually, use mobile phones to search about the business and access the websites. If the website is mobile-friendly, the customers are more likely to buy products or services. This increases the customer base and builds the reputation of the brand.

Google Analytics

It is important to understand the interaction between the customer and the website. The website design helps in providing a good experience to the client. This can be seen through the algorithms of Google Analytics. It shows the website traffic to the different pages.


The website designing provides the benefit of branding to the company. It helps in establishing the brand in the online marketplace with the help of all the different design elements and tools.

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Importance and scope of the website designing in Business

The website designing is important for Businesses as: –

It attracts the Visitors.

The website traffic is an important aspect of the success of a business. With technology at the peak and the number of internet users rising every day, it is important for businesses to design their websites accordingly.

The more attractive the design of your business is, the more the customers will check the different services provided by you. The more responsive the website is, the more the revenue will be earned. The web design helps you in getting a good rank in the search engines which may lead to more visits from potential clients.

Customer Experience.

The website design helps in creating an experience for the customer that would make them come back to the website again and again for the services or products. While offering products and services of high quality, the customer experience of the website should also be of high quality. The website should be well organized and the navigation from one page to another must be smooth. There shouldn’t be too many ad-clicks as they can scare away potential customers.

It converts potential customers into clients.

The website design is also a Conversion Rate Optimized (CRO). It helps you in converting the potential customers, from the website traffic, into actual clients. This may take time as a customer to turn into a paying customer requires an average of 7-13 touch points.

If a visitor clicks on a link, watch a video, take a quiz or signup for a newsletter; they learn more about your brand. They would bookmark your website or feel connected to your brand for more visits. This can be analyzed using Google Analytics to understand the trend and organic traffic. It can be used to customize the personal experience for regular visiting customers.

Why choose the website designing services in Shivwebsindia

Shivwebsindia is the leading Website Development, Website Designing, and Digital Marketing Solutions Company. We help companies in creating and managing their online presence.

We provide the following website designing services: –

  • Static Website Designing
  • Dynamic Website Designing
  • Startup Website Designing
  • Responsive Website Designing
  • Mobile Website Designing
  • Word Press Website Designing
  • Custom Website Designing
  • Re-designing

A good website is needed for a successful business. Hire us for a professional web design experience and get amazing benefits: –

Saving Time: Leave the technicalities of the website with us and focus on the technicalities of your business. The company can put in the save time in formulating schemes and plans to increase its customer base.

Reliable Website: Designing a website on your own can lead to losing time and be prone to unseen problems. Leave the designing to us. We provide reliable websites which can be modified anytime without any problems and if there would be one, we are just one call away.

Better Designs: We know all the secret passages to the designing world. The website will be a mix of your imagination and our creativity.

Latest Mobile Technologies: Smartphone has turned into our laptops and computers. It is necessary to build mobile friendly designs for the website for better customer experience. We take full advantage of the newest technologies to provide you with the best designed website.

SEO Optimized: A website needs good search engine ranks to build the brand reputation online. The website designed by us would be SEO Optimized.

More Profits: The potential clients search your business online and research the likes before contacting. The website can bring in many business leads which can turn into trustworthy clients.

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